Let’s start!

I’m building this blog mainly as place to keep track of work activities, experiments, hacks and personal projects that I may be planning to repeat in the future, knowing that these guides and tutorial have been verified personally.

So this blog wants to be an archive where I can share what I know and have tested. The things I will write will be useful not only to myself, but also to others who are trying to do the same things or are simply curious.

Why didn’t I do it before?

In the past I have opened and closed several blogs and information sites. The main reason for closing was always that I had not enough time to writing posts. This time I know it will be different 💪.

Why do I write in English even though I’m Italian?

English is the most commonly spoken language in the world and basically almost every technical guide and technology is in english. Also, Im able to reach and be useful to more people.

What goals do I set for myself?


Writing posts is an activity that takes time to be fully mastered.
There are things I’ll have to learn, such as writing well so that it is easily readable by the reader. Moreover, it is necessary to devote time and energy to have a constant flow of content, to populate and improve the quality of the blog.


It’s important being connected to my personal core reason, to keep me motivated and avoid diverging too much from what I want to share, ignoring those who don’t appreciate and criticize this work.


I have a lot to learn. The best way is to constantly move forward, studying new approaches and strategies every single day (when possible). Reading some inspirational blog can be useful.


I think that starting to write a blog is good for me, being able to have a place where I can write and describe what I’m passionate about. I also hope to improve my writing skills and the ability to express myself and explain complicated themes better. Take small but steady steps.

Topics I will cover

Regarding the topics, I will mainly focus on systems engineering, DevOps culture and practice, public cloud management and private cloud clusters, software and hardware solution analysis and automation. Mainly everything I fight with every day at work, and every night and weekend at home 😅.


This blog is not affiliated with companies or partners, it is only the result of my experience and thought.